Which Rimmer?

Discussion in 'RED DWARF UNIVERSE' started by markmagness, Apr 17, 2009.

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    Holy moly - that's one heck of an explanation! :shock:
  2. Oddheads

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    That certainly is one hell of an explanation! It does go a bit into the metaphysical question of if a hologram is a real person that can think. Given that the show's logic dictates they are made entirely of light and are just simulations of how the actual person would act, and therefore aren't real. But then Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers points out that if the ships computer makes you think you are thinking, then perhaps you possibly are. It's a bit of a grey area, and makes it questionable if simulating another Rimmer makes that one the same Rimmer.

    Or maybe we're reading too much into it and Doug literally just means it's the exact same hologram Rimmer from 1-7 in Series X.
  3. jmc2000

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    Mar 22, 2009
    I think there's an interesting philosophical question around whether it's even possible for something to be the "exact same hologram".

    Say you're playing a 2D video game where you have to rescue a princess, who keeps getting whisked away. At the end of level one, you see a sprite with long hair, a dress and a crown. At the end of level two, you see the same sprite on screen.

    Within the fictional narrative of the game, it's clearly meant to be the same princess. But it isn't real and there's no single princess. The computer just knows how to draw "a" princess, and destroys and redraws it to simulate her being in different places.

    Also, she doesn't have any permanent pixels of her own. It's an illusion caused by the ones on screen changing colour from second to second. Arguably, it's not even the same princess from second to second as she walks across the screen. If she exists at all, she is continually destroyed and redrawn.

    Ditto with the baddies. If there's a basic baddie that always looks the same, the computer will know how to draw it and how it should behave, and render as many on screen as it needs to - according to the demands of the simulated adventure. If you encountered a generic monster in level four, you wouldn't think, "I wonder if this is the same monster from level two, or a different one? It's hard to tell because they all look the same."

    In the case of Rimmer, if there'd only ever been one instance of the simulation, it's hard to know what effect turning it off and on again would have - or even redrawing him from second to second, to simulate movement. After all, it's not like he gets to keep any of his photons as they fly through the air. His continuing existence is just an illusion.

    So there are questions like - is he the same single "person" from day to day, or does he just think he is, because he can access a bank of memories? Is he continually destroyed and remade, to simulate a crew member walking around and verbally interacting with people? Does the ship just know how to make "a" Rimmer, and insert it into conversations as and when he's meant to be present?
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    None of it was real.7 8 and bte were all just unreality pockets from the end of 6. This was my coping mechanism anyway
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    I like to think its the 1-7 Rimmer, I would rather it is the Rimmer from the earlier days, that was with them in all those adventures and not that Rimmer that did some nonsense with a dinosaur and hammed it up in front of Hollister.

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