the back of the dvd is the clue

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  1. slappyslack

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    Apr 12, 2009
    i just rewatched it and ive got it well sort of.

    when lister reads the back of the dvd it answers some questions

    back to earth is like a look into the future hence "back to earth is set after series 10" and is probably the end of red dwarf, look at it like star wars they started with the last 3 films then did the first 3 later!!!!

    and the blade runner similaritys well they are on purpose as the dvd case says "in true blade runner style they hunt for their creators!!!"

    hope this helps in some way!!! please fill in any gaps i have left!

    i would like to know what the origami gold things are? i thought they were like bread crumbs? (as in hansel and grettel)

    oh and the bits about kochanski people have been saying about kryten being guilty when she is mentioned is obvious.... he didnt kill her the kids explain that bit for ya!!!
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    Glad to see someone thinking like I am. And yeah what was that Gold thing the Cat put down.

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