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    Apr 10, 2009
    My quick conclusion

    Links with Bladerunner
    1)Kat's origami
    2)london title screen with its extra building
    3)opening credits scene with the dwarf crew being shot at whilst jumping through a window
    4) the "nose shop" is basically the same as the "eye shop" same aisainish actor in a dingy chintown esque setting
    5) Plot of going to meet their makers to ask for more time (air time)[​IMG]
    6) the reflection photo scene

    Other plot questions
    1) Katrina coming down in a beam after the squid went up in a beam
    2)Katrina avoiding questions
    3) who ever mentioned that there is a picture of listers grandmas bulldog in the faux department bunk setting
    4)Listers chinese translation (may link to bladernner cant remember
    5)Other person mentioning squid attacking Kat then leaving him to wake up on G deck but also somehow above lister on the observation area??

    So wierd its a though most of the plot links with bladerunner are to stir up forum conspiracies becuase a lot of red dwarf fans are forum users i thin is has been wrote to lure anyone of the script and something rediculous is going to happen and be like "pow" the specials were good in hind sight, just like with back to reality the comparrison is a great one and if it leaves fans as fulfilled as that i cant wait. However for me they are "specials" i.e. unique one-offs i couldn't care that they don't wrap up series 8 boohoo, so far i'd much rather watch any episode that was written by both grant and naylor then the 2 specials but as a threesome i think it will be pretty damn good but i really dont want to see coronation street in red dwarf what a douschebag setting. i have decided to back the red dwarf special team and welcome the idea Naylor will make us feel stupid for doubting him even if i found: breaking the 4th wall, self advertising jokes, kryten (apart from his very 1st scene:-)) not funny so far

    p.s please quote or slate this im interested in other ideas opinions etc
  2. slappyslack

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    Apr 12, 2009
    cant slate ya too much as i agreed with some of it but defo enjoyed reading it.thanks for sharing

    i loved the psy scan bit though that was classic dwarf imo
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    Mar 15, 2005
    I just wish I'd seen Blade Runner what with all this that everyone has been saying..

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