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    We have any players in here? I haven't played in a ....... gosh almost 2 years now I guess. Any changes I should know about? Before I was playing on a blazing fast business internet connection, but now I'll be playing on a regular home wifi set up. Faster machine though. Consequently I'm wondering if it will even be worth it. I THINK I remember my password, Do remember my username though.

    My main Avatar was Sqee and had him built up pretty strong. Loved seeing the ghostly skull and crossbones growing bigger over my foe as I poisoned them more and more and they got weaker. His defense was pretty weak though so I needed stronger co-fighters to soak up some of the hits coming in. But his ranged attack was extremely formidable ........ plus ... hehe I was almost ALWAYS the only Sqee on the screen and I liked that. I did use a Wizard and a Ranger at times though, can't remember which ones.

    Never played DOTA 2 but been thinking of giving it a shot. Any tips?

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