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Discussion in 'RED DWARF UNIVERSE' started by jambo87, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. jambo87

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    Apr 12, 2009
    ..right well i first watched the two shows and thaught it was pretty crap to say the least.

    but then i rolled a big spliff and watched them both again (which is why this theory might be a bit hard to understand)

    okay, ive come to the conclusion that this is just a 'parody' or rather, a pisstake - where at the end of the third episode, it will be announced that there will be a new season or a movie or something.

    it's as if its taking the piss out of the bbc, where they were saying RD 'doesnt appeal to the right people' or something, so it shows the red dwarf fans as complete dweebs (btw watch the "he's not like us, he's weiiurd" bit when you're high :-D )

    the lines ' too weird for words' are kept being said, and its on a poster, which i think is just mocking catchprases (the sort of 'comedy' the bbc now shows).

    and come on, that starbug car thing, its gotta be a huge pisstake, just look at the thing.

    oh and whats lister reading chinese all about?

    i think im on to something, or maybe im just monged.

    cheers all,
  2. slappyslack

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    Apr 12, 2009
    every one seems to be getting high and halucanting their own theories lol

    nah i think this is series 9 or the film they wanted to make as naylor has said that they will never make a 9 but if they sell enough dvds from BTE they will make a tenth, and that they always wanted to do a ninth make a film then make a 10th after the film!!!! something to think about!


    no i just rewatched it and ive got it well sort of.

    when lister reads the back of the dvd it answers some questions

    back to earth is like a look into the future hence "back to earth is set after series 10" and is probably the end of red dwarf, look at it like star wars they started with the last 3 films then did the first 3 later!!!!

    and the blade runner similaritys well they are on purpose as the dvd case says in true blade runner style they hunt for their creators!!!

    hope this helps in some way!!! please fill in any gaps i have left!

    i would like to know what the origami gold things are? i thought they were like bread crumbs? (as in hansel and grettel)

    oh and the bits about kochanski people have been saying about kryten being guilt is obvious.... he didnt kill her the kids explain that bit for ya!!!

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