I didn't like BTE, but I still want more. Do u?

Discussion in 'RED DWARF UNIVERSE' started by donnahanlon, Apr 16, 2009.

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    I should think she means the Bodysnatcher DVD which had Grant and Naylor working together on an episode.
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    If there has been any really personal abuse towards Doug then I think that`s very sad. I haven`t seen any myself and he doesn`t deserve it as he obviously did his best with the specials and there are some good ideas there and some nice moments. It does seem to be a very common opinion though that the writing for the specials was one of the weakest things about them and let the cast down somewhat. Maybe the direction didn`t help either though.

    A new director perhaps (or a stronger assistant anyway) and script editor to work with the people already involved with the show could help a lot in future.
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    Red Dwarf is like Sex

    if it's good it's good
    if it's bad it's good
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    Wow. Signed up to criticize BTE because it didn't work out the way she would have done it, that didn't get enough attention so started new thread and then criticizes responses to her post because they weren't written the way she would have written them and calls people "hostile" when she signed up for this forum solely to attack Doug Naylor.

    I expect to see a BSC and SSC amended to the bottom of all of her posts quite soon.
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    I thought the new episodes were great! I love the way Doug Naylor plays with the audience and keeps coming up with new ideas (even if this one was a rerun of back to reality). As for laughter tracks - why are so many people so keen on them? Surely if something is funny you don't need to be told where to laugh. Doug obviously didn't have the laughter track so the plot wouldn't be spoiled thus not letting slip about the joke of the show title and it worked brilliantly.

    Thanks, Doug. Let's hope the massive audience figures will persuade Dave to commission a series X (or XI?)
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    Apr 21, 2009
    I actually agree with Donna's points. I did enjoy seeing Red Dwarf again and I hope it leads to further work - but it wasn't a classic. Red Dwarf 1-6 were phenomenal, I actually quite enjoyed 7 and thought it was a good direction to lead onto a potential movie. I felt that 8 had some good moments but was on the whole a bizarre direction to take and by far the weakest series. BTE has better acting, production and direction than season 8 - but the writing is not up to scratch. It's not awful by any means, but it's missing any brilliance in the concept, plot and jokes. The Red Dwarf I loved was groundbreaking with it's hilarious characters, situations and jokes while pushing Sci-Fi ideas as well as spoofing them. For me BTE was lacking in too many places and was the plot not basically "The League of Gentleman - Apocalypse"?

    Positives though. Acting was superb - especially Mr Charles (as Donna commented). I thought the look was much better than 8 and the direction was actually well achieved by Mr Naylor. I thought Katerina was an interesting new character (though needs further development). The biggest positive of all however has to be that the shows got made at all and I for one hope that Doug Naylor gets the opportunity to do more. I just hope we can get back some of the earlier brilliance in the writing.

    Laughter track of some kind is required - it just feels strange and jarring without but the fact we notice at all possibly means there's other elements of the show missing...

    Andy :-)

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