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    Yes I do agree really perhaps it was a bit too extreme an opinion for me to say that the current right wing is like going along with Hitler. Though I would say I did use the word “somewhat” too.

    But I would say though that due to current right wing austerity policies some disabled people have indirectly died through losing their house, ending up on the streets or their condition getting worse due to being declared fit for work when they are not. Some of the media have covered this up but some other outlets have not thank goodness and it is just really sad.

    Additionally, while I would agree there will never be any genocide again in the current right wing, I remember Crimewatch last year mentioning how hate crime against people of different nationalities - including some very severe and nasty physical attacks - had increased since the Brexit result last year. So I would say that abominable behaviour is at least a bit similar to the early years of the Nazi reign though yes I totally agree with you I don’t foresee any mass murder happening in the future though.

    But in inconclusion I do accept comparing the current rise of the right to going along with Hitler was a bit extreme but I do feel like this current world is very alienating and has big problems obviously.

    But anyway this thread is becoming more about politics - my fault I agree - so I would move it back on to the episode to say I am really happy with Cured including the end. I feel it makes sense enough, is classic Dwarf and definitely deserved to be the series opener though I can see how Andrew Ellard was right when he tweeted before the filming that it could prove “divisive.”
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    He was a tyrant responsible for the deaths of plenty of others aside from the enemy, many of them innocent. He was very effective in his war against the Ottomans, though, that is true.

    As for the episode: Cured, I think it holds up very well. A nice science fiction story with some good humour. The best of the first half of this series, certainly, and as good as episodes in the latter half, although I think the comedy may have edged it there.
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    Pretty good episode, although most of the rest of series 12 was better

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