Dressed to Kill

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  1. SixthDwarfer

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    Nov 27, 2006
    Something I've only just noticed. Watching Series I & II, whenever we see the crew, Rimmer is the only one who's dressed in his complete uniform. I mean, he's the only one we see in the full shirt and tie combo as compared to Lister who wears his uniform shirt crumpled over a t-shirt and dirty cargo pants. Heck, even Captain Hollister and Todhunter are more casual in their appearence than Rimmer.
  2. Paul Taylor

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    Because Rimmer is anal, and thinks he's proving something by being smart and playing by the rules. The fact that everyone else is so casual shows that Rimmer is the type of person who spends more time worrying about what people think of him than focusing on actually doing something useful and getting on in his life. The irony is, if he worried less about what people thought of him and just focused on being a decent, honourable and hard working human being, people would like him more.
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    Being on a mining ship It would probably be fairly relaxed without too many higher ups coming for inspection so most wouldn't care, and like what was mentioned above Rimmer is anal and wants to impress

    Not too hijack your thread but i thought the tittle was appropriate.
    In Rimmerworld when Cat is talking about wearing the same suite while meeting the same Simulant: was he wearing it just for the joke or had they shot part of it while wearing it then realized it and added the joke afterward

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