Back to Earth: Episode Two

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    Several things:

    Rimmer happily orders the deaths of the waxdroids, who are just as 'alive' as Katerina. Rimmer's not someone who values humanity...

    ...particularly when it's kill-or-be-killed. If she'd had a hologram-killing gun to his head (which she does, metaphorically), he'd have been positively justified.

    He pushed a hardlight hologram in front of a vehicle. With his experience, he couldn't be sure it would kill her. (Though originally we were meant to have seen a shattered light-bee, which makes it more definite. As-short, she could be a mile down the road, imbedded in he bumper of a Land Rover.)

    Given the circumstances, what alternative did he have?

    But the main thing is: the efficiency of what he does - the speed, the practicality, the sheer competence - is the equivalent of Lister being able to read Chinese in the next scene. It's a little more 'capable' than the guys usually are. Defeating his nemesis is Rimmer's path to bliss - it leads him towards the joy promised by the ink.
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    I can see him ordering from afar (especially as in his mind they're just robots*.) but not letting loose with the machine guns himself if that makes sense. Which is in effect what he does to Katarina. (Not literally obviously.) To be fair that might be more due to his cowardice (people who shoot tend to be shot at) than a dislike of violence itself...

    All good points though. Especially the part about his path to bliss. That's the part I was referring to about the reveal in series 3. And Lister acting out of character too, i.e. spoiler (considering this is episode 2: [ Lister going Roy Batty on the Creator. "But, I don't kill people." etc. He did because it was written...or rather he thinks that is the case. An indirect push towards taking control of his world and his own ultimate bliss, if that make sense. ]

    *Which isn't to say he's any different. As I said, he can be very amoral. I just didn't see him directly homicidal.
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    Make me :sulk:
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