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Our main rule is: please be polite! Personal, "ad hominem" negative comments about another user will not be tolerated. If you want to disagree with someone, disagree with their argument. Any form of name-calling, abuse, insult or negative implication about a person directly is forbidden.

Please watch your language - although "smeg" is okay! Certain words and phrases will be automatically censored, but any obvious attempt to circumvent this process will be seen as a deliberate breach of the rules. Strong language that has been used in Red Dwarf may be used on the forum, but only in the context of discussing or directly quoting its use within the programme, and at a similar level of frequency (that is, infrequent!)

When embedding images, videos or any other external media, please ensure that the content of said media is suitable for Red Dwarf's entire audience - violence, gore and nudity are not permitted.

We recommend that users do not reveal personal details to other chatters. If you choose to do so, this is at your own risk.

Please ensure that new threads are relevant to the sub-forum in which they are posted. Straying into "off-topic" conversation within a thread is permitted within reason, but obvious or repeated attempts to "derail" a thread will not be tolerated. Conversations with little to no connection to Red Dwarf should be confined to the "AIGBURTH ARMS" section.

Until further notice, Red Dwarf series XI (2016) and XII (2017) should only be discussed in the dedicated "RED DWARF XI/XII" section, and not elsewhere on the forum. A special Spoiler Policy applies to all postings made on this subject, and should be read before posting in this section.

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Posts reported by other users, or seen by the forum administrator/moderators as breaking the above rules, will be assessed and subject to a Warning system. Users will be notified of any Warnings they receive, and each Warning will accrue a certain number of Warning Points depending on the severity of the offence. Warning points will expire after one month, but reaching 5 warning points within a single month period will accrue an automatic two-week ban from the forum. We also reserve the right to issue immediate suspensions or permanent bans for more severe or repeated offences.

If you are experiencing problems with the Red Dwarf forum and chatrooms that cannot be resolved on the forum itself, please send full details in an email to forum@reddwarf.co.uk.


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